Warrambui Volunteers

Thank you for visiting this page to discover what Warrambui Volunteering is all about.

Volunteer Registration

If you are interested in joining Warrambui Volunteers please complete the Volunteer Registration Form

A requirement of registration is that a NSW Working with Children check be obtained which is an easy on-line process followed by presenting your identification at a NSW Roads and Maritime Services centre[1].  Warrambui is working to be accredited as a ‘Safeguarding Children’ organisation with the Australian Childhood Foundation and the NSW check for all staff and volunteers is necessary to achieve this accreditation.

For particular volunteer activities Warrambui may accept the Working with Vulnerable People check for ACT residents on a temporary basis only.  However volunteers are advised to obtain the NSW check.

The ethos and policies of the Warrambui Volunteers are contained in the Warrambui Volunteers Information Booklet.

Volunteer Opportunities

Warrambui volunteers are a mixed group of people who gather at Warrambui to enjoy each other’s company and assist to keep the beautiful surrounds of Warrambui in good order so it can be enjoyed by the many people and children who visit and use the site.

Volunteer activities are varied but generally involve gardening, pruning, tree planting, landscaping, painting and general maintenance.

Three types of volunteer opportunities are available, being;

  • Mid-Week Volunteer Gathering: This volunteer group gathers regularly at Warrambui on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the Autumn (March, April, May) and Spring months (September, October, November). Hours of activity are between 10am to 3pm with an intervening lunch break, so please bring a cut lunch. Activity emphasis is usually gardening and landscaping. The group goes into recess during the Winter and Summer months. Volunteers of this group generally reside within and near the Canberra region.
  • Volunteer Work Camps: These are live-in weekend ‘work camps’ where volunteers are provided with free accommodation and food at Warrambui and, of course, the volunteers provide the fellowship. Registered volunteers are notified directly via email about planned work camps and it is common for families to attend but children must be accompanied by a parent. Volunteers at ‘work camps’ come from varied NSW and inter-state locations and locally from the ACT region.
  • Volunteer Working Bee: These are specialist activities where an ad-hoc volunteer group is formed to do a particular task such as concreting, paving, painting or specialist maintenance.

Additional information about volunteer opportunities and the registration process can be obtained from the Warrambui Office at: office@warrambui.com.au or telephone: (02) 6220 1000.

[1] Nearest NSW Centre to Canberra is the Queanbeyan Service Centre at the Corner of Aurora Avenue and Aurora Place, Queanbeyan East, NSW.